Geo-Map--USAIn the third largest country by area 320 million people are living in 52 states across the country. The USA is worldwide well known for their big cities, their huge political power and the beautiful nature. The USA borders at two big oceans and if you travel from west to east you cross four time zones.

Although the USA is such a huge country the history goes only back till 1607 when the British crossed the ocean and created Jamestown. After this Spanish and French colonists also crossed the ocean to found their colonies along the east coast. Due the huge amount of different cultures in The USA you find a huge variety of food, music and sports.

On the field of civil engineering America is a world leader. In the past the most impressive structures were built in The USA, like the Hoover dam, the golden gate bridge and the Empire State Building. For the future major problems are predicted according the change of a big earthquake in a populous area and cities which are getting bigger and bigger. Also climate change is a huge problem in The USA. Sea levels are rising which causes big challenges for the greatest cities in the country.