San Francisco, CA, USAOn the west coast lays the famous city of San Francisco, California. Located on the San Andreas Fault, it houses more than 800,000 inhabitants and for the whole Bay Area even more than 7.5 million people. It’s a booming, young and fresh city but has to tackle three big problems. One of which is the earthquake problem. It is estimated that in the coming years a huge earthquake will occur due to the San Andreas Fault. Another problem is the sea. With the sea level rising due to climate change, Frisco needs to protect its civilians from the coming water. The last major problem is the massive droughts in summertime. Last year, huge wildfires threatened the city.

From a civil engineering standpoint this is quite interesting to solve these problems. But next to the civil engineering problems there’s also a culturally rich city. The Golden Gate Bridge, for example, spans the Golden Gate Strait, from San Francisco to Marin County. The famous prison Alcatraz, known as the Rock, is also located near the city. With the coming of Silicon Valley, San Francisco is becoming a popular destination for youngsters. Around the city new hip bars, cafés and restaurants come up. The people of SF are also very environmentally aware, so around the city you will see all sort of environmental friendly solutions.

Based on the huge civil engineering problems and its famous icons, we couldn’t dispose San Francisco as a destination on the study tour and we’re looking forward to step on the Golden Gate Bridge in person.