Final update

With the symposium, the final report and the aftermovie complete, the study tour has officially come to an end. We want to thank everyone who has been reading along through this medium and we hope you were able to share in some of the enjoyment we have had from the study tour. The website will be kept online for at least two more years so if you wish to relive your experiences you have ample time to do so.

Official Ending of the Study Tour

Tomorrow we will officially end the Study Tour with our Final Symposium. We will tell a lot about the education, the excursions and also the more infomral aspects of three weeks in the United States. You are all very welcome to join us in the Horst, room OH218. You are welcome at 13:00 and we start at 13:30. We hope to see you tomorrow!

Final Symposium

We are pleased to announce that we will hold our final symposium the afternoon of friday february 10th in the Horst building. During this afternoon we will tell a lot about the study tour. This includes but is not limited to the educational aspect, contract researches, the excursions but also the informal parts of the tour. The symposium is open to everyone interested in the Study Tour and will likely be held in the Horst Building. We hope to see you then!

Business Case APPM

appm-fotoLast week the American Ambitions Group visited Dutch company APPM for an interesting business case. APPM involved us in one of their projects about Electric Transportation at the Dutch airport Schiphol. 96 of the taxi’s driving around Schiphol are now fully electric Tesla’s and APPM played a key part in realizing this.

We would like to thank APPM for their hospitality and their enthusiastic presentation.

Softball Workshop

foto 3As part of teambuilding in advance of the study tour the group
attended a workshop softball organized by base- and softball club High Tech Hitters. We would like to thank them for their enthusiastic presentation, we had a blast!

All photos can be found here for logged in users!

Workshop Intercultural Communication

In the weeks preceding the Study Tour our participants will do numerous studies on the United States and the Civil Engineering in this amazing country. As part of these studies Jelle Ferwerda will host a workshop intercultural communication.

During this workshop we hope to learn more about the differences in communication between different cultures, and what to keep in mind when communicating with someone from a different culture. Even between two Western countries, as both the United States and the Netherlands are, there may be key differences in both formal and informal communcation.

Collaboration with Dutch Consulate

Recently we have been in contact with the Dutch consulate. We’ll likely be visiting the Dutch consulate buildings in both New York and San Francisco and furthermore our contacts have provided us with invaluable information and contacts in all three cities. If anyone from the Dutch consulate reads this post please extend our gratitude to your colleagues!