Business Case MTénV and PHBM

Yesterday, we visited PHBM and MTénV for an intriguing business case. At first we went to see the project ‘de Entree’ at Amsterdam central station. After that, we discussed a case concerning a conflict between a contractor and local government. We had a great time and we really want to thank both companies for their hospitality!


First Lectures

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lecture

Yesterday, our supervisor Rick Hogeboom and Veronica Junjan of the public administration program gave the first official lectures of the study tour education course. Rick held a small introduction to the United States with his own PESTLE analysis, while Veronica explained the several ways to analyze a country on a macro- and meso level. We especially want to thank Veronica Junjan for her time and enthusiasm. The study tour education program has officially begun!

Official Go

KnipselWe are pleased to announce that after the latest meeting with the ConcepT-board about the state of affairs of the study tour, we officially received a definitive go! The meeting was about our financials and excursions which were all in order. This means the study tour will certainly take place. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this joyful fact and we can’t wait to start our education program in September and depart on the first of October!