We are back!

All the participants including the committee and the supervisors are back. That means all participants go back to studying and the supervisors to their daily work. However, the study tour is formally not over yet. The participants need to finish their microstudy and hand in two other reports. After that we will have a symposium to finalize the study tour. We will keep you posted about that latter part!

Studytour has ended, vacation has started

Studytour group American Ambitions for the skyline of New York
Studytour group American Ambitions for the skyline of New York

The studytour has ended and that means a 3-week trip across the US has been completed. We thank all the participants and supervisors for their enthusiasm on this trip and all other persons who have helped us to make this wonderful journey possible!

We wish all participants a great time on their vacations across the US. Some are going to Mexico, others stay in California. Have fun!

PS: We will add the last report and photos soon.

Preliminary presentations

For all the invitees of the preliminary presentations this Thursday, below the schedule of the day with attached a route description.

13:00 Walk in

Waaier 3

(University of Twente, Horst Building)


13:30 Introduction
14:00 Presentations (1st part)
14:40 Break
15:00 Presentations (2nd part)
16:00 Drink

OH 215

(University of Twente, Horst Building)

16:00 Start pub quiz (during the drink)
16:45 End pub quiz

A route description to Waaier 3 at the University of Twente can be found here.

Cultural excursions

honey_island_tourDuring the study tour we will visit spectacular excursions in New York, New Orleans and San Francisco. Our schedule is quite full, but luckily we have a free afternoon on Wednesday the 12th of October.  During this spare time, we will hit the water and make an awesome kayak tour through the swamps of Honey Island in the New Orleans area. Covered with cypress groves, abandoned houseboats and exotic wildlife it’s going to be a wonderful experience.

Summer vacation

summer-1403071_960_720The summer holiday has started. Sadly (or luckily), not for us, because we still have things to do before we can take off to New York. During the upcoming weeks we will be less available than usual. If we don’t answer the phone, leave a message or send us an e-mail.

To our participants and supervisors: Enjoy your holidays!!