20151204-P1060588 Hele commissie keuze Rianne
Martijn Krol, Chairman

20151204-P1060629 Foto MartijnI am Martijn Krol and I’m currently 21 years old. I am now in my 4th year of studying at the University of Twente, in the first three years I completed my Bachelor in Civil Engineering and this year I have started with the master track Civil Engineering and Management with a focus on Water Engineering and Management, because I have always found the water-aspects in civil engineering to be the most interesting. Before I moved to Enschede I lived in Soest, a village in a central part of Holland. Besides my studies I enjoy sports such as running and football and I attempt to play the guitar. About two years ago I have already visited the Westcoast of the United States once, which was an amazing experience and although both the Netherlands and the US are “western” countries it were the differences between them that really struck me. That’s why I am stoked to be able to visit this amazing country again, and also see some of its other regions. As the chairman of the committee I am responsible for keeping track of everything that needs to be done for the organization of the trip and for keeping in mind the overall picture: organizing an amazing trip and making sure everyone involved has as amazing an experience as I am sure I will have.

Paul Bakker, Secretary and Education Officer

20151204-P1060652 Foto PaulHiya. My name is Paul Bakker. At the moment of writing this short introduction about myself I am 21 years old. I am a fourth year Civil Engineering student at the University of Twente. Just recently I obtained my bachelor degree and I am now working on my master in Water Engineering and Management. Apart from studying I am very fond of exercising or just being outside. Depending on what my physique allows me to do, I play football (the European and the only correct sort of football), running or hiking. With hiking my interests in travelling have skyrocketed. I catch myself thinking of doing a certain trail on almost a regularly basis.

For me being a part of the study tour committee is about making the most of my time as a student. As secretary and education officer of the committee I hope I will grow in my communicative skills and learn how it is to work for days and days to organise such a thing as the study tour. Putting the soft skills (I think that is what they are called) that I have acquired through the years to the test. I hope we will get to know a lot of people during our time in the United States. Completing a (short) trail in the US in the weeks after the study tour or preserving some connections for the future would be awesome.

Boyan Domhof, Treasurer and Education Officer

20151204-P1060620 Foto BoyanHello, my name is Boyan Domhof and I’m 21 years old. At moment I’m a fourth-year Civil Engineering Master student after I obtained my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. For the Master I follow the Integrated Civil Engineering Systems track with the Modelling and Forecasting profile. With this profile I hope to achieve a good understanding of models in general and make hydrological models myself. Morphology and water quality are now two topics which I am interested in.

Before the Study Tour Committee, I had already contributed to different committees of ConcepT, like the Five-Yearly-Anniversary Committee and the Symposium Committee. For me it’s important to do something besides your study. Going to university isn’t only diving in the books but also developing yourself and explore the world. The Study Tour Committee is the cherry on the cake in my whole Bachelor-Master career to plan a 3-week trip to the USA and at last going abroad.

As Treasurer and partly Education Officer I want to learn how to manage large sums of money and construct and manage a study program for the participants. But the main thing I want to learn, experience, do etc. is to plan the trip with 5 other persons. There will be irritations, difficult decision making moments, other problems but also moments which I can learn from them and have fun with them!

I’m looking forward to the moment when we first set foot on the other continent and have a 3-week exhausting, fantastic and experiencing trip with the view of American Civil Engineering!

Rogier Busscher, Public Relations

20151204-P1060636 Foto RogierMy name is Rogier Busscher, I’m 21 years old and I’m a fourth year bachelor student. Before I came to Enschede to study civil engineering, I lived in Buinen, a small town in Northeast Drenthe. Besides my study I am really interested in politics and I’m also a static left wing defender in the footballteam (or soccerteam for the Americans) I play in with some friends.

For the study association ConcepT, I’ve been a member of several committees. For instance, I was chairman of the 2015 symposium committee, where we organized the biggest symposium of the University of Twente. After the second biggest committee of ConcepT, I felt ready for the biggest, most challenging committee ConcepT has to offer. Also the fact that the result now lasts three weeks instead of one day, was appealing to me to apply for the study tour committee. Within the committee, I am the public relations officer and therefore responsible for sponsoring and contract researches. As a person who has never been to another continent, I really look forward to getting to know America, and I am sure the study tour 2016 is going to be a great success!

Daan Brinkerink, Travel Officer

20151204-P1060646 Foto DaanHi, my name is Daan Brinkerink and I’m 22 years old. Currently I’m doing the third year of my bachelor in Civil Engineering at the University of Twente, however I finish the study after the study tour. Besides my study I like to do a lot of other things. Different committees, work as a student Assistant and organizing a study tour! Besides all these interesting affairs I play waterpolo and like to have a drink with friends.

As trip commissioner I’m responsible for the plane tickets, hotels, food and cultural activities. The nice part about this function is the need to know about the American Culture. Screening the Internet and different travel magazines I hope to find the best places to sleep and the greatest cultural activities to do! During my time in the study tour committee I see it as my job to bring the committee and the participants together. I want to have the feeling that we are acting like a close group. Besides this I think it´s nice to have some good contacts at the other side of the ocean. And, of course, see the greatest structures humans have ever made!

Rianne Boks, Excursion Officer

20151204-P1060617 Foto RianneHi! My name is Rianne Boks and I’m 21 years old. I’m a fourth-year civil engineering student at the University of Twente and currently I started the master program Water Engineering and Management.

Next to my studies I play volleyball at the student volleyball club Harambee and I have done some other smaller committees for both ConcepT and Harambee. Furthermore I have been on exchange to Lund University in Sweden last year to study GIS. Since I really enjoyed this experience of living and studying abroad I was really interested in organizing the study tour.

For this Study Tour ‘American Ambitions’ I will be responsible for  arranging the excursions related to the theme of the tour and I am sure we can make the tour a big success for both the committee and the participants. I’m really looking forward to it!