Official Go

KnipselWe are pleased to announce that after the latest meeting with the ConcepT-board about the state of affairs of the study tour, we officially received a definitive go! The meeting was about our financials and excursions which were all in order. This means the study tour will certainly take place. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this joyful fact and we can’t wait to start our education program in September and depart on the first of October!

Summer vacation

summer-1403071_960_720The summer holiday has started. Sadly (or luckily), not for us, because we still have things to do before we can take off to New York. During the upcoming weeks we will be less available than usual. If we don’t answer the phone, leave a message or send us an e-mail.

To our participants and supervisors: Enjoy your holidays!!

South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

6027194597_1a9bb556d0The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project is the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the West Coast. When complete, the project will restore 15,100 acres of industrial salt ponds to a rich mosaic of tidal wetlands and other habitats. It will also protect Silicon Valley from coastal flooding.

We’re pleased to announce that we will be visiting the project’s location Eden Landing Ecological Reserve during our stay in San Francisco, and learn more about the project and its implications. For more information:

Softball Workshop

foto 3As part of teambuilding in advance of the study tour the group
attended a workshop softball organized by base- and softball club High Tech Hitters. We would like to thank them for their enthusiastic presentation, we had a blast!

All photos can be found here for logged in users!

Tulane University

Credit: The Atlantic
Subidence in New Orleans damages the infrastructure

We’re happy to announce that we will be visiting Tulane University. This university located in the center of New Orleans has a broad selection of studies of which we’ll visit the Earth & Environmental Sciences department. At this department we will get a presentation about the subsidence problem of New Orleans.

New Orleans is sinking. Quite literally, because the ground level becomes lower and lower and thus the water surrounding New Orleans is coming to be a major threat. If you can’t wait for the presentation read the following link, it will give you an early insight in what to expect!

Why is New Orleans sinking? – Gutter to Gulf

Excursion to New York Wheel confirmed

New-York-WheelWe’re excited to announce that we will visit the construction site of the New York Wheel. This big ferris wheel will be a new skyline determining object of New York. The construction is expected to start in 2016 and will be finished somewhere in 2017.


Workshop Intercultural Communication

In the weeks preceding the Study Tour our participants will do numerous studies on the United States and the Civil Engineering in this amazing country. As part of these studies Jelle Ferwerda will host a workshop intercultural communication.

During this workshop we hope to learn more about the differences in communication between different cultures, and what to keep in mind when communicating with someone from a different culture. Even between two Western countries, as both the United States and the Netherlands are, there may be key differences in both formal and informal communcation.

Collaboration with Dutch Consulate

Recently we have been in contact with the Dutch consulate. We’ll likely be visiting the Dutch consulate buildings in both New York and San Francisco and furthermore our contacts have provided us with invaluable information and contacts in all three cities. If anyone from the Dutch consulate reads this post please extend our gratitude to your colleagues!

Seirgei won the Teach of the Year award

Last post we informed you that one of our supervisors, Seirgei Miller, was nominated for the Teacher of the Year award of study association ConcepT. Now we are happy to inform you that he has won the award. We congratulate him with this win and encourage him to keep teaching!